How Much Coffee do the Big Boys Buy?

Graphic showing Coffee Buying By Corporations

The major Food Corporations – Sara Lee, Kraft, Nestle and Starbucks buy huge quantities of coffee each year. This graphic helps to put this in context and shows how much of it is (or is not) fair trade.

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    The graphic powerfully demonstrates what we already knew: Fairtrade represents the tiniest drop in a huge ocean of coffee.

    My view? A label alone isn’t enough. Shoppers need much more detailed, compelling information so they know for sure whether those that provide their food have enough to eat for themselves. It’s my biggest criticism of Fairtrade: lack of information. A ‘Fairtrade’ sticker alone isn’t sufficient to win hearts and minds…and shopper’s sentiments.

    We were the first to import ethically sourced coffee to the UK back in 1976. It was years before Fairtrade started… But we created a stir when we shipped almost 3 tonnes of instant coffee from Tanzania to the UK to help support manufacturing in the Third World. Our labelling was unique, and featured a photo of a pile of coins, showing who-got-what for the price of a jar of coffee. With the coffee came a booklet called, “The World In Your Coffee Cup.” We provided sufficient reading material to last several cups of coffee! Last month BBC radio interviewed me about our pioneering ‘Campaign Coffee’, that helped to start the idea of ethically sourced coffee in Great Britain. The broadcast is now available on YouTube (4 minutes):

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