The OCC and Abiyot

Here at the LYF we are really proud of the Oromo Coffee Company. With our Oromo colleagues and other supporters, we set the OCC and, although it’s still a struggle for everyone involved, it’s still going and growing. A truly unique and wonderful social enterprise. This article tells the story of the OCC and of Abiyot, one of the founding members and the most dedicated member of the team. Whilst trying to study at university, he still commits all his spare time to making a success of the OCC.

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    There were parts in this dtmucenoary that I really thought were interesting such as free trade and how coffee is utilized in different ways to improve lives. One of the negative things I noticed was that the farmers were being abused and mistreated by the large corporations. When we did that coffee simulation on the movie’s website, I was appalled at how much of the profit the farmers actually get. They work so hard and gain so little In relation to Mr. Lathan’s question “Does this make you angry at popular coffee chains, such as Starbucks?”, I’m not exactly angry because we’ve gotten so use to following this system that it’s become natural. But if you look at it from an ethical stand point, it is wrong and a change in this system is long overdue! I will admit there were slow parts in the movie where I dozed off during, but overall it was substantial.

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