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The LYF likes to keep as many of our supporters up to date with all our projects, good news and success stories.

The LYF regularly sends out newsletters to those interested in receiving updates from us, which rounds up our most exciting news and biggest successes. You can find out all our updates as they happen on our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Winter 2013 Newsletter

August 2013 BBC Radio 4 Appeal

June 2013 Radio Appeal

April 2013 Newsletter

Christmas 2012

Award-Winning Fair Trade (Oct 2012)

July 2012 Newsletter

June 2012 Newsletter

African Smallholder Campaign March 2012

November 2011 Newsletter

August 2011 Newsletter


Since 2011 we have stopped producing hard copy newsletters due to the cost of printing and postage. We now produce an e-newsletter every two months. To subscribe to the e-newsletter, please go to the Newsletter Sign-up box at the bottom of our Home Page