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Lorna Young. Our Inspiration

Since the pandemic, we’ve been working harder than ever to get our FREE resources out there to people in need of our help and support.

Basically, this means that some of the poorest farming communities in the world and some of the most disadvantaged groups in the UK will be able to access our free resources and expertise on learning about ethical agribusiness and enterprise!

As a small charity, we don’t believe in feathering our own nest. And we believe that our learning and the resources that we have created through our ground-breaking programmes should get to those who need it the most. At no cost to them.

So, you can head on over to our Farmers’ Voice Radio website, and see exactly which countries we  have been working in.

And if you are from a UK based community group, you will also be pleased to hear that we can now offer you free resources on setting up your own ethical enterprise – through our flagship ‘Not Just Us’ programme.

If you are an individual who could raise money or donate, then please do get in touch if you can offer any help or advice. We love hearing from people who share our vision!

Jasmin, LYF Radio Presenter in DRC. With chocolate …

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» More from our blog

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