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A sad farewell to our marvellous John Lewis Partnerships secondee – Hannah Mitchell who worked ‘virtually’ with the LYF and supported us with all of our publications and online media. She will be missed and we wish her all the best in her future career at
JLP. Also a fond farewell to Kate Sebag who has worked closely with the LYF as a much valued member of our Board. We wish Kate much success with her marvellous work at Tropical Wholefoods.

And Hello!

To David Keltie who is our latest Board Member. David has a formidable background in ethical trading and joins our existing Board Members – Martin Meteyard, Albert Tucker and Duncan White. Welcome David!

And A big HELLO to Cath Higgins – who is now managing all things in relation to administration and book-keeping.

Striking Black Gold?

The LYF has been asked to set up and manage a new venture– THE BLACK GOLD FOUNDATION (BGF) in response to the award winning film-documentary which highlights the struggle against trade injustice through the eyes of coffee smallholders in Ethiopia. Marc and Nick Francis – the filmmakers, are now working closely with the LYF to set up the BGF’s new website – which will be launched in September 2011.  More details to follow….

Lorna of Lockerbie Academy

Lorna Young herself came from the little town of Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire.  As a small charity, we sometimes struggle to try and get people, organisations and schools who are in favour of ‘Fair Trade’ to understand what it is that the LYF does and why we encourage innovations that encourage trade justice,  beyond buying certified products.  Not so with Lockerbie Academy who are
extremely proud of their former pupil, Lorna! The Academy were in touch with us recently, to inform us that they had raised some money for the LYF – a gesture which we were deeply touched by – when we know that there are so many more charities that they could have chosen to make the donation to.

Two of the pupils from the Academy also chose to visit Lorna’s parents – Daisy and Bob – who still live in Lockerbie, in order to
interview them about their incredible daughter for their Global Citizenship coursework.

Finally, we were delighted to learn that the Academy now has a ‘Lorna Young Trophy’ which is awarded each year to the student who excels the most in Global Citizenship. So big CONGRATULATIONS are in order this year – to Nicole Lawrie, who was awarded the honour.

We do hope that more schools in the UK will follow Lockerbie’s lead and find out about the unusual approach of the LYF. Once again – thank you Lockerbie Academy!

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