Invaded by the USA !

Well. It was a welcome invasion….

The LYF were delighted recently, to have visitors from the USA.  Vanessa Lancaster, a Michigan-based Education Consultant who specialises in curriculum materials and teaching techniques that reach disadvantaged communities and individuals, heard about the LYF’s work in setting up the Not Just A Trading Company programme.

Vanessa was particularly excited to hear that the curriculum materials that the LYF is developing on ‘ethical enterprise’ for disadvantaged groups – we’re aiming to reach those who are exceptionally bright – ‘gifted’ even – but who did not fit easily within a mainstream educational learning environment.   She decided to give her time and advice ‘in kind’ to the LYF and as well as spending time with LYF staff, got to meet local fair trade entrepreneurs at ‘The Fair Trade Co-operative’ in Holmfirth and to spend time with teaching staff at Stockport Academy.

Vanessa was accompanied by her ten year old son Mac.  Mac has developed an enormous interest in all things fairly traded,  following his involvement with the LYF. He has returned to Roeper School in Michigan with some brilliant ideas such as ‘Reverse Trick or Treating’ and says on his blog “Since I’ve returned from the U.K. I’ve been handing out Reverse Trick-or-Treat kits to my school. I’ve handed out almost 500 kits while telling parents and kids about Fair Trade”.  You can find out more about Mac’s inspirational activities here –

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