We are Looking for a new Chairperson

Do you have the skills, passion, contacts and drive to take lead and grow small dynamic charity? We are looking for a new Chairperson to lead our Board of Trustees and the recruitment of a new Director. There is more information below, or you can download the full role description here.

The Lorna Young Foundation (LYF) is a charity that works to connect communities in order to trade knowledge, products and ideas that will make their lives better. It does this by devising and running unique programmes that bring together the many disconnected worlds that make up our societies – both in the UK and across the world.

We have a rich history, taking our name from fair trade pioneer Lorna Young who broke down doors to get Cafédirect into supermarkets. Our work is based on a deep understanding of international trade justice issues. We have a long track record of solving supply chain challenges, and access to networks that can deliver expertise and funding.  Here are three current examples of our programmes:

‘Farmer Extension’ uses the medium of radio and text messaging to reach millions of poor smallholders in Africa with the information that they need in order to manage their crops effectively. The farmers set the questions and LYF provides answers from experts in the field.

‘Not Just a Trading Company’ offers young people and communities in some of the UK’s most deprived areas an opportunity to create their own social enterprise, linking where possible with small producers in developing countries.

LYFE, (Lorna Young Foundation Enterprise Programme) matches skilled, experienced, entrepreneur-mentors to individual smallholder organisations. It goes beyond ‘empowerment’ – taking the attitude that often only simple measures are needed in order to support smallholders to achieve their business aspirations and compete effectively in the domestic and international marketplace

Our aim is to bring about change in the attitudes and systems that prevent communities across the globe from working together to improve their lives.

With a wealth of successful programmes and a solid reputation, LYF is at a critical point in our evolution. We are ready to re-tighten our focus and scale up the work we do that is most innovative, unique and delivers the most impact for the communities we work with, here and there. We are seeking an Executive Chair who will:

  • Take the lead on fine-tuning our strategy and driving the team to deliver it.
  • Armed with our impressive track record and far-reaching UK and international network, represent the organisation at key events and meetings, to bring in the investment, partnerships and support we need to scale up our tried and tested programmes as well as develop select new initiatives.
  • Raise investment for and recruit our first Managing Director, who can permanently take on this leadership role.
  • Hold the Board to account for the organisation’s mission and vision and ensure that the trustees fulfill their duties and responsibilities for effective governance of the organisation.

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    I would be interested in this tx

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