LYF To Open-Source its Farmer Radio Programmes

Over the last 8 years, our Farmer Radio projects have reached hundreds of thousands of small farmers across Africa. As a direct result, these farmers – and the supply chains they sell into – have seen measurable improvements in crop yield, quality and disease resistance. Farmers feel better able to deal with the effects of climate-change and to support their families to attend school and to feel more positive about farming as a livelihood choice rather than last option.

We now want to dramatically scale-up this work; and we believe that the most effective and sustainable way to do this is to Open -Source it – make it freely available as a package, to any group or organisation that wants to set up a Farmer radio project. We intend to create a toolkit of resources, materials, guides and support, based on our 8 years’ experience of successfully delivering Farmer Radio.

You can download our Farmer Radio prospectus here. It tells you more about Farmer Radio, our plans to Open-Source it, and help we are looking for to create and promote the take-up of the Open-source approach. We’d love to hear from you. Why not get in touch to chat about Open Source Farmer Radio.

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  1. Posted 23/01/2018 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    Hello, I am the editor of the UK ‘RadioUser’ magazine and I am interested in the ‘Farmer Radio’ initiative, with a view to having this covered in the magazine. Please could someone get in touch?
    Thanks and best wishes
    Georg Wiessala

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