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Some years ago, Irish entrepreneur Brian Keegan found out about the work of the Lorna Young Foundation and volunteered his time and skills with one of the smallholder coffee growing communities that we were supporting in Kenya.

Brian accompanied Ian Agnew from LYF to the Rumukia Farmer Co-operative Union in the Nyeri region, where he learned about the many challenges facing some of the world’s poorest coffee growers, who lack business and marketing skills and who earn only around 1% of the retail value of their crop.

Brian and some of the coffee farmers of Rumukia

Although Brian’s business and coaching support proved to be invaluable to the farmers, Brian himself came away deeply impressed with the hard-work, the level of professionalism and the commitment that the Nyeri farming communities had for their crops.

Today, Brian is still very much committed to the principles and the practices of ethical trading. He recently got in touch with the team at the LYF and mentioned that his latest ‘Scaling Up Global’ for businesses workshop will donate all proceeds towards the work of the LYF.

So in return, we just wanted to say …. CHEERS, BRIAN!

Make your donation to the LYF here – please reference it as ‘SCALING UP’.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO DONATES TO US! DON’T FORGET TO SEE to find out what else we’ve been up to recently…

‘ENTREPRENEURS VS POVERTY’ – Brian in the coffee bushes of Rumukia, Kenya.

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