Leticia at the LYF

The Lorna Young Foundation is delighted to have appointed a summer intern!

Leticia Nketiah will be helping us with our Farmers Voice Radio and our Not Just Us programmes— as well as with other elements of our work here at the LYF directly. Leticia is a US citizen and was keen to work with a UK charity. So, we’ve asked her to share a bit more about herself …

Hi, my name is Leticia Nketiah. I am a senior undergraduate student at The Ohio State University majoring in Public Management, Leadership, and Policy with a minor in Global Public Health— concentrating in Health Policy. I have a passion for public service and resolving some of our world’s most pressing healthcare problems such as access, affordability, and equity.

Leticia having fun at Windsor Castle

This summer, I am studying in the UK, not only to learn more about the world in a diverse, global city like London, but to also gain more professional experience working for an international organization. I chose to intern at the Lorna Young Foundation because I value its mission of alleviating poverty through ethical trading.

I was raised by Ghanaian immigrants who worked hard to provide the best for their families. My father grew up working on a farm, my grandmother’s produce kiosk was the heart of her village, and most of my siblings have that same entrepreneurial drive. Agriculture is a major source of revenue for developing countries and also how many earn their livelihoods. Thus, I understand the value that organizations such as the Lorna Young Foundation play in the lives of disadvantaged groups and am happy to be a part of the process.

I am hoping that my time here will help me learn more about public service from the perspective of a charity with an international and domestic focus. Personally, I wish to sharpen my own skills in nonprofit management, leadership, and communication. Above all, I am looking forward to understanding more about how LYF’s work can inspire policy and advocacy for disadvantaged groups.

Leticia Nketiah

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