If you haven’t already seen our new Not Just Us Toolkit and Website – you really are missing out!

Not Just Us (NJU) was created several years by the Lorna Young Foundation, after we had been working with the newly arrived Oromo community in the UK. We supported them to set up the world’s first refugee-led Fairtrade coffee company. We then decided to apply the same principles – of sharing ethical enterprise learning – with other disadvantaged groups in the UK.

Fast forward a few years now and we’ve worked with young people, school children, homeless people, adults with learning disabilities, neurodivergent adults, those with physical disabilities and mental health problems, refugees, asylum seekers and pensioners.

We’ve also worked with long-term unemployed people and with NEETs (people Not in Educational, Employment or Training). Everyone that we have supported have learned about trade injustice, have been enabled to set up their own ethical product or service and have massively improved their skills set, boosted their CVs and enhanced their life chances.

ALL of our learning, our approach, our materials etc – are now available for free at our new NOT JUST US TOOLKIT website.

Please head over there now, have a read and contact us if you know of a group who would like to undertake Not Just Us – and to help redress the trade imbalance and tackle the causes and consequences of poverty – both in the UK and overseas!

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