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FVR @World Radio Day!

Welcome to ‘Farmers’ Voice Radio’ (FVR) on World Radio Day…

Ethical Giving through Enterprise – in Ramadan

Many of our family and friends here at the LYF…

Floods, Uganda and Radio

How our Farmer Radio approach is helping to tackle flooding crises in Uganda

The Entrepreneur Combating Climate Change one Cup at a Time

The LYF’s Cristina Talens is the founder of Source Climate Change Coffee; In this interview, she explains what inspired her to set up Source, her encounter with Bill Clinton and her passion for sustainable agriculture.

Women cocoa farmers claim rights, despite escalating violence in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The LYF is working with women cocoa farmers in the DRC to help them produce and broadcast farmer-radio services.

Coffee Farmers High Coffee Prices but Poor Harvests

This interesting article from Uganda contrasts the record high coffee…